Traditional vs. Self-publishing

Traditional publishing: send your manuscript off to a publisher or agent. They decide if they like it. They do all the work. They get a percentage of the profits. Self-publishing: You do all the work. You make all the profit. It\’s a tough decision. Traditional publishers have a lot of skill and knowledge. They have […]

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome: Feeling like a fraud. That you don\’t deserve anything you\’ve worked for and that everyone will see you for what you are. I feel like this all the time. I didn\’t go to school for writing. (I wanted to be a doctor.) I don\’t have a fancy publisher that picked me (and even […]

Creating Characters

Characters are what make the story. You have to have good characters or the story won\’t matter. We need to care about these people and what happens to them. I would bet your favorite movie has interesting characters that grow and change through the story. Boring people don\’t sell books. We all know too many […]