The Kisses Series

Kisses Series

Every novel is a stand-alone story, and as such, they can be read in any order. Characters will reappear in other stories, so if you enjoy one, you\’ll be sure to find your beloved characters in another.

If you wish to have a guide to reading the books, below is what I recommend 🙂

The First Set:
Saltwater Kisses– An accidental marriage between Jack and Emma.

Rainwater Kisses– Falling in love, and finding how they fit together with Owen and Kaylee.

Freshwater Kisses– Finding love in childhood friends with Robbie and Sam.

BONUS: Kisses From Jack: The first half of Saltwater Kisses, but from Jack\’s perspective!

Timeless Love Stories:
Champagne Kisses– A story of long lost love and second chances with Dean and Rachel.

The Second Set:
Sandcastle Kisses– Finding love in all the wrong places with Noah and Izzy

Hurricane Kisses– Surviving the storm together with Logan and Olivia

Barefoot Kisses– A Cinderella story with Aiden and Lena

The Third Set:
Sunrise Kisses– Ava and Bastian discovering true beauty

Waterfall Kisses– Leo finally succumbing to Charlotte\’s charms 

Island Kisses: Gabe finally meets his match in Harper!

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