Barefoot Kisses: A billionaire love story is now available!

Barefoot Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story Available Exclusively on Amazon (FREE OCT 4-OCT 8)   Who meets Prince Charming in an elevator while carrying their broken shoe? Lena Masterson was having a rough day. Her coffee pot exploded, her favorite heel broke on the way to work, her computer died, and her coworker sabotaged her performance […]

Why Does Hurricane Kisses Have Two Covers?

Two covers for the same book? Why is that? The darker cover (the stormy looking one) was created by one of my favorite cover designers, Erin Dameron-Hill. I loved it. It was fantastic and possibly one of my favorite covers (Saltwater Kisses is still my all-time favorite) However, it wasn\’t selling. People always say, \”Don\’t […]

By Any Other Name- A debut novel

I would like to introduce you all to a brand new author, and my friend, T.M Opperman. When she came to me last spring and said she wanted to write a book, I was so excited. I have a lot of people tell me they want to be an author, get my email, and then […]

My Favorite Wedding Gift

When I was married, one of my aunts gave me a present that, to this day, is my favorite wedding gift. It is my favorite because it can never be duplicated and is something incredibly unique to my special day. Thus, I have stolen the idea and use it for all the weddings that I […]

Amazon Filtering

Can\’t find what you want on Amazon? Feeling the need for a \”naughty\” book, but can\’t find it when you search? Can\’t find the author you were looking for on Amazon? Welcome to the Adult Filter. This last week, Amazon started adult filtering a random smattering of erotica. I am in touch with a lot of amazing […]

Get checked!

One of my fellow authors just recently blogged this: She had no real risk factors (ie no family history, no predispositions) and was lucky enough for her husband to find the lump and make her do something about it.  She thought it was just a cyst, one that they had found on her last […]