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Want to know the secret to becoming a best selling author? How to become a faster, better, stronger writer? Want to make millions selling your books to adoring fans? I know the secret. I\’ll share it with you. Ready? Write more. That\’s it. It\’s deceptively easy. You want to be a better writer? Write more. […]


This year I was Princess Peach and my boys were Mario and Luigi 🙂 Their Dad was a dinosaur (supposed to be Bowser) I know we don\’t have very many years of themed Halloween costumes left, so I\’m enjoying the ones I have. When my boys no longer want to match, my poor husband will […]

I\’m Writing a Christmas Novel!

Christmas is 74 day away. As such, I will be releasing a Christmas novel right after Halloween. (Because, I hate when Christmas stuff comes out before Halloween. AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL AFTER HALLOWEEN!) Right now, I\’m listening to Christmas music. My husband gave me an eye-roll and grimace when we all piled into the car […]