I Choose You

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Step 1: Go to college. Check.
Step 2: Find a job. No luck.
Step 3: Start a family. Whoa, one thing at a time.

Alicia Chambers was stuck on Step 2. No matter how many resumes she sent out, she couldn’t find a job in her dream field: phone app development. It seemed like most successful apps were started by a single inspired person in their basement, including the most recent craze, Monster Go.

If only Alicia could find her own inspiration for an app…

Drawn into the game (research, she told herself), she meets a mysterious stranger who also plays. He\’s perfect for her: rich, handsome, and nerdy. However, despite formerly being in app development himself, Jacob seems to have left it all behind.

Between romantic dates and catching monsters, Alicia finds herself growing closer to the mysterious man. But when she learns something that he deliberately kept hidden, will she flee his secretive life?

Will she let him know her own secret- that she’s carrying a little gift from all their time “playing” together?

I Choose You is a standalone romance novel. If you like new adult stories, you’ll enjoy this story of two people finding love over a phone app.