Fall Into Love

College student Ada has found the one thing that really revs her engine: Coffee. And she\’s found the perfect coffee shop in Perk Me Up. She likes the baristas, the other customers, and she especially likes their lattes. She likes it so much, she decides to apply for a job.

But that\’s when the perfect brew turns cold. The owner of the place, Nate, is a real pain in the coffeepot. He\’s a bit older than Ada, a bit wiser, but a whole lot grumpier. But on top of those hunched, overworked shoulders is a big brain with big dreams. His secrets threaten to take the whole café down with him if he doesn\’t get help. But all that is just a façade to disguise a failing business. And as Ada works her tail off to save this small town coffee shop, she might just find herself getting closer to the man himself.

Brew yourself a pot of coffee, because this small town contemporary romance from New York Times bestseller Krista Lakes is sure to make this an all-nighter!