I\’m Writing a Christmas Novel!


Christmas is 74 day away.

As such, I will be releasing a Christmas novel right after Halloween. (Because, I hate when Christmas stuff comes out before Halloween. AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL AFTER HALLOWEEN!)

Right now, I\’m listening to Christmas music. My husband gave me an eye-roll and grimace when we all piled into the car to go pick pumpkins and \”Jingle-bell Rock\” came on. I\’ll be honest, it was a little weird to have Christmas music on with pumpkins and skeletons decorating the house.

But, it\’s coming. It will be here for you to enjoy through Thanksgiving and into where Christmas music belongs- December.

I\’m so excited for this book. It\’s heartwarming and sweet. I can\’t wait to show it to you all!

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*The puppy is Nebula from last year\’s Christmas 🙂

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