Where are the Stepbrother books?

Stepbrother Hero and Stepbrother\’s Gift were Amazon top 100 books, so why aren\’t they on Amazon anymore?

Answer: Amazon made them unsearchable, so my publisher delisted them.

As a retailer, Amazon has the right to make their algorithms whatever they want. It\’s annoying, but they can do it. They decided that those books were too risque for the general public and put them in the Erotica section with an adult filter to help hide them. If you searched \”Krista Lakes Stepbrother\’s Gift\” there would be hundreds of non-erotica results before you found my book. As such, no one was buying it and the rank was plummeting.

So, they were delisted them from Amazon since no one could find them anyway. I unfortunately can\’t put them up on other retailers because the other retailers won\’t accept \”Stepbrother\” books. I\’ve fought for two years now with these books- they got me into a ton of trouble with Amazon (see this post here¬†on their re-release back in May \’15) The books were first released under my erotica name (which no longer exists) and got us scolded by Amazon (read about that meeting here). We had to fight for over a month to release them as Krista, and they did great, but then they were hit again.

I\’m tired of fighting it. Amazon won.

So, I am very sorry but the books are no longer available. RIP Stepbrothers.

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