How to get Rafflecopter Entries


I\’ve been asked this a couple of times now, so I put together some screen shots to explain how to sign up for a rafflecopter!

First, what is Rafflecopter? Rafflecopter is a company that allows businesses to run giveaways (or Raffles). By giving points for doing an activity (like going to their page on Facebook, signing up for a mailing list, sharing on social media) you earn entries. At the end of the time period, Rafflecopter picks the winning names and prizes are given out. (Here\’s their website for more).

It\’s basically a way to run a digital raffle 🙂

Step 1: Click on the entry you would like to do

Step 2: Follow whatever the instructions are. It will probably take you to a new tab/page, so remember to come back to get credit!

\"RafflecopterHowTo2\"Step 3: Come back and verify that you did it. (In this case, it was signing up for the Krista Lakes Newsletter. If you already get my newsletter, there is no need to sign up again. You just put your email in and get the points because you already did it!


Step 4: Click enter



Step 5: You now have +5 entries to win! Sign up for other authors\’ mailing lists to get even more entries!


Step 6: There are other ways to get entries too! Share this raffle on Facebook, Twitter, or Email and get more chances at winning those gift cards!



And that\’s it!

Signing up for the mailing lists will let those authors email you with their new releases and sales. Good luck and earn some gift cards!

Be sure to sign up for the my current Rafflecopter! ( 60 authors have joined up to offer $600 in Amazon gift cards! 

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