Happy New Year!


I can\’t believe it\’s already 2015! We are officially in the future! (I want my hoverboard, though…)

2014 was an amazing year for me. Beyond amazing. I accomplished things that I never dreamed I\’d be doing and had one of the best years of my life.

1. My son turned two this year. He\’s 300% boy with a dash of monkey thrown in. He makes me laugh and is the light of my life. He drives me insane (he is two, after all) but I am making sure to take lots of pictures to use as blackmail when he\’s older and I can have my revenge. (bwa hahahahaha). We did get some news that will be a challenge for us with him next year, but if life didn\’t give us challenges, we\’d never rise to meet them.

2. I hit top 100 with Barefoot Kisses and Hurricane Kisses (and Saltwater Kisses tried to get in there again!) all in the same month. It was pretty amazing and the highlight of my career this year.

3. My mom wrote two books. And my sister just finished her first. (I\’ll be helping her publish this year, but since she technically wrote it in 2014, it counts)

4. I traveled. I got to take my son to the beach for the first time (he loved throwing sand) and I learned to dance salsa (kind of.)


For 2015,

1. Write More.

2. Blog More.

3. Start a new series. I love my Kisses, but I have an idea for something else and I\’d like to make it work. 😀

4. Write more.

5. Spoil my kid rotten. And work on getting a second one to start spoiling just as much 😀


I hope every single one of you has the best year ever!

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