Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had a fantastic and wonderful Halloween! (I know I did!)

We took my little guy Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood and he freaking LOVED it. There is nothing more adorable than a 2-year-old going up to a house, knocking on the door and then proudly saying, \”twick-o-tweat!\”



He made out like a bandit as people \”awwed\” over him (and the matching parent costumes of course!) and stuffed his little Thomas the Tank bucket full of candy. We were all dressed up as Astronauts (with orange jumpsuits) as he loves space. (You can see his space blanket here)


I promise he\’ll get to eat most of his candy. Just not the Almond Joys or Crackle bars. Those are Mom Tax.

(As he\’s already in the kitchen trying to climb up the fridge to get to it…)

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