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When I tell people that I am an author, I get one of two responses. Either, A) That\’s cool! I could never do that! or B) That\’s cool! I want to do that…

B usually leads to them wanting more information on how to write their own NYT or USA Today Bestselling book (Thank you Tangled: A New Adult Boxed Set for making me a best selling author again!) When presented with this information, if the book is not yet written, sit down and start. They usually get about five thousand words before losing interest. It\’s hard work.

My mom decided she wanted to answer B to the above. I told her to go for it.

She came back with a novel in under three months. My mom is not someone who gives up.

She got my dad involved. (Sorry Dad- all your weekends now belong to editing) and my editor (who I was happy to share because she\’s awesome) as well as my husband for his formatting skills. Basically, it became a family affair.

I am super proud of her, and I hope you will give her book a look. It\’s a historical romance set in the old West. Having grown up in Colorado, she knows the landscape and all the history really well. (I won\’t make a joke about her age here…)

It\’s only 99 cents for a limited time, so if you like historical romances, be sure to pick it up!

\"AdaSecret\"Ada\’s Secret
By Nonnie Frasier


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  • Tell your mom congratulations for me on her first book! When I was younger I used to keep tablets around to write stories in. Just simple stories to get me through difficult times. For me it was just a hobby of sorts, some to take me out of my real life for awhile. At that time, I didn’t like reading. But now, I read all the time so I’m thankful to all the wonderful writers.

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