Wolf Six\’s Salvation


Have you ever had a story you just can\’t get out of your head?

That was this for me. I sat down to write the next installment of the Kisses books, and Captain Jackson Wolfe kept jumping onto the page. I wrote him an outline to try and get him out of my head so I could concentrate on not his story, but Captain Wolfe is not a man you say no to. He was not content to simply sit in his outline and wait his turn to be written.

So, I finally gave into him. The words are flowing out of my fingers (I actually had my first 10K* day because I can\’t get his story written fast enough!) This is an action packed romance full of sizzling heat. Captain Wolfe is a werewolf (the sexy kind, not scary) and his eyes glow golden whenever he is angry, protective, or turned on. (Thank you CW\’s Beauty and the Beast for showing me how hot that can be :D). Chloe is a heroine readers can really sink their teeth into (hardy har har). She\’s feisty and strong, but she can say no to Jackson about as well as I can. (Which means she really can\’t)

Plus, the cover is smoking hot. Whew.

I know this is a little different than billionaires, but I hope everyone will give it a try. I promise I\’ll still get the next Kisses book done, I just need to get Captain Wolfe to learn how to sit first. 🙂

*10K Day: Where you write 10,000 words in a single day. My usual average is around 3-5K with my previous best day at just over 7K.

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