By Any Other Name- A debut novel


I would like to introduce you all to a brand new author, and my friend, T.M Opperman.

When she came to me last spring and said she wanted to write a book, I was so excited. I have a lot of people tell me they want to be an author, get my email, and then disappear into the ether, but not T. She dutifully kept me updated on her progress, and then let me be a beta reader! I am so proud of her! This is an amazing Inspirational Christian Romance that I highly recommend! It\’s on sale for $.99 for a limited time, so pick it up fast!

Since I love making covers, I made her this one. (I think it\’s one of my best yet!) Be sure to check her out, exclusively on (By Any Other Name)

Sometimes, we need to lose everything to find our way.
Thirty-five year old Victoria had what she would call a perfect life. She was the homemaker wife of one of the church elders, and her whole world was wrapped up in the happenings of Grace Church. Sure, she hadn\’t been able to provide Isaac a son yet, but God sometimes worked in mysterious ways.
All that changed when she met Sonny.
Sonny, an artist that was new in town, intrigued Victoria from the moment they met by chance. Soon, the two of them begin a whirlwind romance that leaves Victoria with the hardest decisions of her life. And when the church, who her whole life revolved around, shunned her when she needed them the most, who did she have left to turn to?
This debut novel by T. M. Opperman chronicles the journey of one woman as she finds herself forced to look past the politics of the church and find the true grace of God and the true definition of Christianity.

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