My Favorite Wedding Gift

When I was married, one of my aunts gave me a present that, to this day, is my favorite wedding gift.

It is my favorite because it can never be duplicated and is something incredibly unique to my special day. Thus, I have stolen the idea and use it for all the weddings that I go to 😀 You are now welcome to use it too, but if we go to the same wedding- this is totally mine!


One of my high school friends was married on May 25th, 2013. This is the sunrise that day. (And thus my wedding gift to her).

I typically put the picture(s) with the wedding invitation in a cool frame. If you are low on funds, this is an amazing gift that I guarantee the bride will appreciate. I attach the gift receipt for the frame just in case they need it in a different color, or they need a different style. As long as the weather is nice, the hardest part about this gift is the getting up before sunrise… time for some more coffee!

Here are some more pictures from the morning- enjoy the sunrise! (taken on a Cannon Rebel T3)



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