Walking and Writing

Things have been busy here at the Lakes\’ household! My little one is just about walking (he has taken a couple of steps by himself, and is gearing up for more!). He is so adorable as he stands there and holds out his arms and attempts a step. If he is distracted (like Elmo is on TV or I am offering cheese) he will take a solo step, but if he knows what he is doing he psyches himself out and just sits down to crawl over. It also means that I have to keep my computer even further out of his reach. He loves to press the keys to hear the noise and watch the screen change. Cute- but not when he decides my story needs to be adjusted to include 00000000000000000000+++++++h;alskfj;alsdkfj in the middle of a paragraph. He\’ll be a writer one day too I guess!

In writing news, I have the outline all done for my next novel. 7,000 words and the story is going to be good! I have about 10,000 words done so far,¬†and my characters are just falling for one another. It is going to be a lighthearted billionaire romance, so be on the lookout for some fun summer reading! Updates as I keep working on it. It is going to take a little bit of time because the little one trying to \”help\”, but that is what naptime is for!

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